and everything he does he prospers

by HH Pope Tawadros II (Author)


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There are three virtues or graces which we consider to be the key to a successful life:

An Open Mind … A Big Heart … A Humble Spirit.

We need these three qualities together to tackle life’s challenging situations and make a success of them. In his third epistle, St John said,

‘Dearly beloved, concerning all things I make it my prayer that you may proceed prosperously and fare well, as your soul does prosperously.’ (3 John 1:2)

Success in life is to succeed in every way and not just spiritually or socially or academically. In his prayer, Saint Ephrem the Syrian said,

‘Guide the vessel of my life with your commandments, and grant me the understanding to trade my talents successfully as long as I still have the time, before I hear those words: show me the results of trading your talents.’

A successful life is what we all hope for, on our journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.

May the words in this book be a blessing to many, for the Glory of God’s name through the intercessions of our Mother the Virgin Mary and St Mark the Evangelist.

Pope Tawadros II