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From One Bishop to Another (1 Timothy):
St. Paul wrote this letter to his disciple St. Timothy, who St. Paul and other elders ordained as Bishop of Ephesus, to refute various false teachings and to guide St. Timothy regarding supervising affairs of the growing church.

Encouragement (2 Timothy):
We can summarize this letter in three words: “Fulfill your ministry” (2 Timothy 4:5). St. Paul encourages St. Timothy to remain strong, teach others what has been taught to him, and endure hardship.

Advice to Bishop Titus About Managing His Church (Titus):
This is the third of St. Paul’s “pastoral letters” (after 1 & 2 Timothy). Writing to his spiritual son and the bishop of Crete, Titus is given instruction on supervising church government and affairs.

Forgiving Your Fellow Christian (Philemon):
Although a very short letter about the specific issue Philemon was having with his servant Onesimus who ran away from him, it is very useful in teaching us about forgiveness and social relationships.