Have You Seen the One I Love: Contemplations on the Song of Songs

Pope Shenouda III


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Pope Shenouda draws upon his many years of contemplation as a monk in the ancient desert of Scetis, Egypt to develop his commentary on the human soul. A true Alexandrian father, descendent from Sts. Athanasius, Clement and Cyril, His Holiness employs the Song of Songs to provide the blueprint of our quest for love and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. The book is a translation and transcription of a lecture series given by Pope Shenouda in the 1970s. As a lecture series, it draws one in as if His Holiness were conversing directly with the reader. The imagery that prevails invokes the mind to travel to Egypt to visit with this desert monk. He encourages the reader to share in his prayers, asks the reader questions, and invites us to join him on his journey of discovering the soul. The main focus of the book is to meditate on the human soul while she searches for her Beloved. It is only with an understanding of our spirituality that we may embark on our voyage leading to our Lord.