Holy Week Characters

by St. Mark Youth


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Every year the church takes us on a great journey through Holy Week, with a vivid and sharp focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and His Passions on earth, from the victorious entry into Jerusalem, to His climactic death on the Cross at Golgotha, and finally to His awesome and Glorious Resurrection. We are indeed witnesses to these events that occur at one and the same time as we see them, and we share in this witness with many characters who were present to behold the Passions of our Lord.

Many of these characters are mentioned only briefly in the gospel accounts of the Passion, yet there is a lot to learn from understanding how the Lord touched their lives. This book focussing on the interactions of five of these characters with the Lord through the gospel accounts and the commentaries of the fathers.

The Youth of St Mark’s church in Sydney Australia have put together these contemplations over few years and now we have put them together in one book. The characters in this book are Malchus, Demas, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary, Magdalene, Pontius Pilate.