Saint Shenouda the Shepherd Boy

by Deacon George


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St Shenouda the Archimandrite is one of the most celebrated monastic leaders of the fifth century. As a young monk, he was unanimously chosen to be the Abbot of the monastery because of his great devotion, holiness and service. During his monastic leadership, the monastery flourished to inhabit four thousand monks and nuns and was a haven of both spiritual and social refuge for surrounding villages. Parts of the monastery named after St Shenouda, called the White Monastery, is still present to this day west of Sohag, Egypt. St Shenouda became a glorious light to the entire world through his numerous sermons and discourses, and through the canons he put in place for the monks and nuns. He was the first to initiate the pledge which monks must recite before joining the monastery.

St Shenouda the Shepherd Boy is an engaging representation of the life of St Shenouda the Archimandrite that is aimed at making his life story relatable to young children. This book highlights that the path to sainthood and holiness begins at a young age, demonstrated by the fact that St Shenouda was only nine years old when he began his journey. Told through the eyes of a shepherd that Shenouda worked with as a child, alongside clear visual representations, children will surely be inspired by St Shenouda’s life after reading this book.